Vigilance Perennial

by Falls of Rauros

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Atanamar Sunyata
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Atanamar Sunyata Manufactured Americana as black metal crutch gets my goat. Falls of Rauros, however, rolled out from under an Appalachian rock fully grown with guitars in hand and a mind to record the songs of their people. At least it sounds that way. The ease with which these riffs roll is the key, whatever their demeanor. When the rivers run red with blood and blastbeats, the blackish amalgam is effortless...
Riley Kesselring
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Riley Kesselring beautifully executed black metal Favorite track: Warm Quiet Centuries of Rains.
Bardo Morales
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Bardo Morales Not an awful album, just unimpressive, uninspiring. A bit of a let down in terms of songwriting. I'll stick to previous releases for the moment. Favorite track: Arrow & Kiln.
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With Falls of Rauros' 4th full-length album, Vigilance Perennial, a vital complexity and multifaceted emotion is at the forefront of this stunning quartet's musical creativity, drive and evolution. Ever since the opening notes of the Hail Wind and Hewn Oak debut, Falls of Rauros have never put on a mask to hide behind a false facade. Yes their sound has indeed grown to embrace an otherworldly atmosphere that feels almost spiritual, but their songs possess endlessly layered riffs and thoughts from the heart that feel as real as the earth squishing up between your toes as you stop to appreciate the sound of the wind sailing through the pines. Such an organic flow and endlessly dynamic rise and fall elevates the 5 songs of Vigilance Perennial from a multi-layered bout of aggression to beautiful moments of music that twist with a powerful and honest emotion rarely experienced within a musical mindset that others refer to as “black metal”.

Vigilance Perennial finds Falls of Rauros once again challenging the status quo, for the pure honesty and obvious love for truly unique songcrafting has in part distanced this band from any obvious genre defining terms. This music bleeds from the heart in a giving way, and we, the Bindrune and Nordvis alliance are proud to share our brothers' stunning and healing work with the world.


released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Falls of Rauros Portland, Maine

Formed in 2005. Black Metal and Folk sharing musical space. Based out of Portland, Maine.


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Track Name: White Granite
standing vigilant by the gate of the first mask
our hands they now creak from misuse, harden to leather
we wait, with hope we can stand guard forever
it's a weight that we share
this mask is not meant to be buried

nurture and consummate
pronounced with a trembling inflection
learning how the earth reclaims what it yields us
sunken-chested we brandish our offering
and admit that we haven't been living or breathing
only striving swollen-hearted

silent, blank tomb of white granite
stark in its patience
beckons for the mask
with which we hold concealed
the aging of our visage
fleeing still its mirror

sculpting frail clays of a tired love
whose lungs have collapsed
to languish in the breast of a spent kiln
it's a weight that we share
this mask is not meant to be buried
Track Name: Labyrinth Unfolding Echoes
like all beings pacing corridors
trailing the ghosts of their deeds
heads downcast and hands raised
for their eyes refuse belief in
leaving an arid shelter
for centuries of rains
to dance upon them

I am as them, spurning history, I've discovered
while awareness grows bleary and indistinct
scouting fissures by inference of mark-bereft fingertips
hunted by thirst

and shiver still the masses of stone that enclose them
tasked to contain a murmur that’s soon to be
echoing with unspeakable clarity
keening its curse to the open

I remain with those spurning history, I've acknowledged
while awareness grows bleary and indistinct
scouting fissures by inference of mark-bereft fingertips
hunted by thirst

every hopeless struggle
every flightless endeavor
everything kept at arm's length
this labyrinth unfolding echoes
Track Name: Arrow & Kiln
no dream was blooming
when our backs arced beneath the dread
of another day lost
of us growing apart
screening ourselves from each other
our hearts become riven

I have attempted to shadow the trajectories
sound the depth of uncertainties
filtering loss through the apertures
to refract it with mirrors

I am seized with violence by a lust for renewal
tending furies left unfostered
padding across the cellars of my first years
burying masks which seek the surface
holding vigil in the wake of exertion
dictating missives wholly unfocused
and confessions wholly dissembled

belief is close kin to avarice
wending its way to a crest
exposed and precarious

yet we keep our beacon marked by signal fire
nursing an open flame, fed with an equal breath
it thus remains standing in thrall to its footing
sworn to a vigilance perennial
unsteady hand wielding a final arrow
specious unbroken will
self-doubt fingering the seams
bewailing our impermanence
Track Name: Impermanence Streakt Through Marble
servility to perpetual youth
has fixed me to the plot I age on
the bitter tincture of neglect
plays about my tongue and eases,
sighing music, down my throat
to blight the sediment
a record of my failures

let malnourishment serve as your sustenance
raise flares to the dwellings of equivocation
may impermanence temper your suffering
your sibilant manifold questioning
and your pointed fear of a textbook senescence
parceling out monotonies bent and arthritic
waning baleful in the attics of decline

shaped by the efforts of coercion
bound helpless by the tethers of duress
gilded with lack to frame your body
dousing the kindling of the coming years

our histories sprawling out behind us
seconds birthing minutes became decades
dusks new and unfamiliar sprang upon us
we hung our heads and pretended
there was never expectation
there was nothing to corrode

a flag in a sea of marble
a dream is an empty stomach
a flag in a sea of marble
a dream is a drowning child